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Organic Overdrive

Polka Dot Sun

Edits With Collared Doll

Flower Symbol

Maxon's seminal drawings in pencil and ball point pen show his artistry awakening in bursts of sexual expression, gentle satire, and abstract formulation. Unlike works from formally trained artists, these images come from deep within Maxon and will never be repeated. They are the foundation of an ever-searching creative process that continues to energize him daily.

Copies of Maxon Crumb: The Monograph are still available. This full color book is not only a 30-year record of Maxon's art, but a highly collectible artifact, as well, because of its very limited print run.

New Art Book from WordPlay

S. Clay Wilson's ABC

This audacious alphabet book by notorious ZAP Comix pioneer and graphic master Wilson presents dozens of his never-seen-before drawings. Available in two formats: $29.95 paperback and $75 rich, cloth covered signed edition. Read more for a complete description and a sample of illustrations.


Maxon Crumb: The Monograph

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The Funniest Thing I Ever Did See

Panda: Her Story